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Downloading the VSPS 2014 complete version

Even if VSPS is very user friendly, we strongly recommend that you consult the help function. You can also refer to the user manual that contains many illustrations. This manual is in pdf format and is saved in the subdirectory "Doc" of the VSPS folder (by default, C:\VSPS 2014).

Once the download is done, you simply have to run this file to start the installation.

You are allowed to install VSPS 2014 on as many computers as you wish. However, you have the right to process payrolls only for businesses that you purchased the VSPS 2014 license for.

The control of the authorized businesses is done by the coded file NAMES-14.CLE. This file is sent to you by email. You must copy the NAMES-14.CLE file in the VSPS 2014 folder (by default, C:\VSPS 2014).

When you start the program, you can only open a file for an authorized business, meaning for which the name is coded in the NAMES-14.CLE file. Each user has a unique NAMES-14.CLE file. Note that this file can contain several authorized business names.

* IMPORTANT *   After the installation, if the message "This program might not have installed correctly" is displayed, click on "This program installed correctly".

Finally, please note that this complete version includes all earlier upgrades.

To start the download, click on the following link:  install-vsps2014.exe

To view the installation instructions, click on the following link:  instructions-installation-vsps2014-e.pdf

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